Meat the Future

Solving the protein crisis

Humanity has an insatiable hunger for meat. We’re emptying the oceans, turning the rainforest into ranches, and raising animals factory-style to satisfy our appetites. Is there a humane, eco-friendly way to get our protein fix? Along with insect farming and vegetarian substitutes, in vitro meat is a promising solution to the protein crisis. Though still expensive and difficult to produce, lab-grown muscle tissue might one day be a cheap, low-impact way of producing enough meat to feed the world.

Staff Picks

‘Before we can decide if we will ever be willing to eat meat from the lab, we need to explore the food culture it will bring us’

The In Vitro Meat Cookbook

Watch the intro video for the 'Meat The Future' cookbook, which presents both delicious as well as uncanny lab grown meat recipes to catalyze a conversation on the meat of the future.