Humane Technology

Let's design the future with people, not things, in mind.

We must be mindful about how we engage with technology: what we use it for, why, and whether it helps or hinders us. Sometimes our tech seems to be flowing in inhumane directions, and it feels beyond our power to redirect it. But humankind dams rivers, and alters the landscape in countless other radical ways. We can redirect our technological growth. And why shouldn’t we direct it towards humans? Let's design the future with people, not things, in mind.

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‘Humane technology takes human needs as its starting point. Humane technology would not only serve individuals but, first of all, humanity as a whole.’

Why human enhancement requires technological citizenship

New technologies – from artificial intelligence to synthetic biology – are set to alter the world the human condition and ...

An example of humane tech

The human touch has a unique therapeutic effect that a machine cannot replace. That’s why this Shiva Therapist massages with their own hands. For the heavy work, they have four additional robotic arms at their disposal. These will allow them to work for the entire day and will enable them to give overwhelming six-handed massages. Like an octopus, but with a human sensitivity.

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The Eye of a Cyber Sapien

An earlier post on this blog already displayed the possible future of sight using augmented contact lenses. Researchers at MIT take this second sight...