About Next Nature

Next Nature is the story of humankind changing its world with the fruits of knowledge and technology. We are a non-profit of creatives, thinkers, educators and supporters who want to go forward – not back – to nature. Our explorations comes to life in expos, events, education, and publications. With members in 44 countries, we make worldwide impact. In our future museum in the Netherlands, you can experience our vision in 'real life'. Together, we create a dreamed future for all life on Earth. Support us!.

Why we're here

Virtual worlds, printed food, living cities and wild robots. We are so surrounded by technology that it becomes our 'next nature'. In a landscape of traditional nature conservation organizations, we stand out as the sole group reimagining nature in a fresh light. Preserving matters, and we must also dare to look ahead. The technosphere already surpasses the biosphere in weight. There are now more known patents than species. This is happening in our lifetime. How do we balance biology and technology? How do you personally navigate this new reality? How can we be a better crew for "Spaceship Earth"?.

What we do

We explore how technology becomes so omnipresent, complex, intimate and autonomous – a nature of its own. We stimulate debate, educate, initiate publications, events and traveling expositions on how to dream, build and live in the next nature. Will we grow meat without slaughtering animals? Earn ECO coins for sustainable behavior? Embrace artificial intelligence as a colleague? What is artificial today may be natural tomorrow. Check our projects for more.

How we work

We are a radar for potential futures, which we make experiential for everyone, fostering a more meaningful conversation about the future we desire. Our approach is open-minded, hopeful, playful, educational, and unifying. It takes little effort to imagine a future where everything goes wrong; the newspapers are full of it. It requires imagination and creativity to envision a world you desire for yourself and others.

Who we are

We are open, hopeful, future-oriented people who want to go forward – not back – to nature. With members in 44 countries, we make worldwide impact. Visit our future museum in the Netherlands for the full experience. Our core team works in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Gifts are tax deductable. Warp to our foundation page, people page, press room, faq or colophon for more.

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